Rainy Day Activities for Seniors

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When your senior loved one spends a lot of time in the house, it is easy for them to go stir crazy very quickly, especially if there’s nothing for them to do. Even when senior home care englewood co is there to keep them company, things can get dull and boring very quickly. But, there’s a plethora of ideas to end the boredom and keep your loved one entertained when getting out and about is not an option. Some of the best ways to entertain a senior stuck in the house are listed below.

Stream Movies

No matter the movie genre your senior loved one enjoys watching, there’s tons of titles to stream that they can watch on any cold day. Many people love to make it a full day of movies when weather, illness, or other issues keep them inside. Plan to visit your loved one to watch a movie to complete the fun!


Many seniors enjoy crocheting and knitting, so why not ensure they have yard, needles, thread, and other items available to complete these activities? Whether they’re knitting booties or crocheting blankets, it is a fun hobby that keeps them entertained.


For seniors who still have a little swing in their hip, dancing is an activity that is sure to make them happy.  Turn on the iPod with their favorite music and invite over a few family members or friends to get the party started the right way!

Board Games

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A board game provides instant boredom busting capabilities, as long as there is a partner there to play along with them. Scrabble, Monopoly, and tons of other fun games make for a good time for most any senior who is stuck in the house. Make sure that they have a few board games on hand at all times to stop the bored days.