General Practitioner Has Important Role To Play

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Jack of all trades but master of none. This consumerist sentiment has generally been applied to all contract workers and artisan-inclined tradesmen. You will have noticed that this short notes stops itself cautiously from deferring to the term artisan in full. Because this would have to mean reference being made to a fully qualified practitioner. He may well be able to carry out a number of procedures but he should be master of his specialization. So, this tentative term could just as well have been applied to the medical practitioner.

By now, most readers are already familiar with the general practitioner, otherwise known as a GP, or the family doctor even. But let’s talk about the general dentist in Torrance CA for a moment or two. Now, do not for a moment believe the lie that this is a jack of all trades but master of none. The sentiment being expressed here may well be subjective but that is quite alright. The point is being made.

general dentist in Torrance CA

In dental practice, generally speaking if you pardon the explanation, the medical code of practice and ethics is probably cast in stone by now. No general practitioner or specialist should be allowed to practice, either way, if he or she does not hold the relevant qualifications. Not to drift from the point that was initiated in this note, do not for a moment believe that the general dental practitioner is none the wiser in terms of specialist procedures.

He may not be the candidate to carry out these procedures but he is still the one who has to make the first call. He has to have that knowledge required for performing a correct diagnosis. And just like the GP, he can then make his referral.